Dirac Live is an amazing tool and its often the difference between average and really excellent sound. In reality most domestic listening rooms are terrible acoustically and this results in poor bass response, lack of clarity and a messy and disjointed sound. The negative effects of the room is hindering the enjoyment one should be getting from their system. Dirac Live will make a huge difference to this if its used correctly.

Dirac Live is not a magic wand, its a powerful tool.  Its a simple and easy to use software however when it comes to interpreting graphs, creating target curves and  fine tuning for the best sound possible there is no substitute for experience. In the right hands Dirac Live can be used to create a totally cohesive, full range and fully dynamic sonic bubble that elevates audio enjoyment to new levels. Most movies are intended to be a journey for the viewer and we all know its the sound that matters most to the experience, no sound no emotion regardless of how good the image is.

I am a very experienced Dirac Live calibrator on both HiFi and Home Cinema systems using equipment from Arcam, Emotiva, NAD, miniDSP and more. I know how to take ideal measurements, how to interpret the graphs and use them to dial in a systems sound to within an inch of its maximum capability; finding its optimum performance window. This is not about trying to impress with loads of boomy bass or excessive treble, I always aim to create a fully integrated sound from all the speakers and subwoofers forming a perfect balance of excitement, refinement and damn right "epicness" all to the customers personal preference.  A sound you will keep going back to time and time again because you want more of it.

If you would to get more from your HiFi or Home Cinema System please contact me via the request a quote page and we can discuss your system and my service in more detail.  You may not need to upgrade your speakers or your subwoofers, you may just need to hear them setup to deliver their best.

I will reply to you directly via email so please do check in your junk or spam folders if you haven't received a reply from me in 48 hours.  Thanks

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