I calibrated a really nice system for a customer comprising of an Arcam AVR850 integrated with a Chord Electronics Dave and Hugo M Scaler for music, with Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 mk2 and the matching centre speaker for the front array, Monitor Audio Dipole speakers for rear channels with front height speakers for atmos duties. This system was supported with an SVS SB13 Ultra Subwoofer, high quality Audioquest and other cabling. The customer uses a mixture of online streaming services for his main sources of music and movie / tv box set content.

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I started the calibration with a listening session to get a feel for how the system sounded, I could tell by the quality of sound and how many files my customer had created that he had been busy and active with Dirac tweaking the sound of the system. He had done a very good job but as always there is big room for improvement from a skilled hand.

I started with taking a full set of measurements, hot work on 30c+ day and worked from these measurements to dial in the system to sound more refined, more enveloping, much more impactful, dynamic and explosive in the bass and most importantly totally integrated. This was all helped with my special bass tweak that only my customers get the benefit of which improves bass quality by at least double in every instance I have experienced so far.

Lastly I spent time tweaking the Dirac Curve for music, which also improved the sound of the system for home cinema. The customer went from preferring the speakers set as Large and using the SVS subwoofer for music to just using his excellent front Monitor Audio Platinum L&R main speakers for music after my calibration. The calibration was a very big improvement for the system in 2 channel as well.

Customer Feedback

Hi Terry

Thank you so much for giving us a great service, and a fabulous sound system renewal it’s sounds amazing with both music & movies.