I calibrated Dirac Live 2.0 for a customer in North London consisting of an Arcam AVR390, Oppo 203, 65inch LGC7 OLED TV, Monitor Audio Silver Speakers and REL 7i subwoofer.
The customer had already run Dirac himself but wanted to see if I could improve on what he had done.

After taking the initial measurements the customer was very lucky to have a really nice bass response to work with, this would have been all boom (“one note bass”) before Dirac but it was a great starting point for me to use my target curve for a full range, punchy and tactile bass, that’s alive in the room with you, but underpins the whole sonic experience with clarity.

The results after some tweaking were pretty spectacular with astonishing bass being achieved at the MLP from the small only 200w REL 7i subwoofer. Even I couldn’t believe the bass it was producing. The Monitor Audio Silver speakers now sounded really balanced with great detail but smoothness. I left with the system sounding fantastic, a real sonic movie experience and a hugely improved musical presentation. The Arcam AVR390 really is a great overall all round AV Receiver at its price point and thanks to Dirac Live it can produce amazing results, even in challenging small domestic rooms.

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Customer Feedback

Hi Terry

After seeing you on you tube with all the great videos you do on especially Dirac Live and Arcam’s AV receivers it was great to see you yesterday at my house.
It was very interesting watching you in action I could see clearly you love what you are doing, your attention to detail and patience added into the mix.

Wow what a difference Dirac live made to my Arcam AV390 AV receiver once you worked your magic with the recommended calibration target lines.
I will be playing all my Blu-rays films again now I have sub woofer a small REL 7i 😂that rocks with better timing.
My floor speakers have better cohesion, separation and a centre speaker where I can now here speech more clearly.

Thanks for all your efforts on my behalf it was greatly appreciated
Best Wishes