I calibrated a very nice 5.2.2 system comprising of an Arcam AVR 850 with Bowers and Wilkins 700 series front speakers and a clever use of other Bowers and Wilkins speakers for rears and Atmos heights. The front speakers were bi-amped and a second Emotiva amplifier was used to drive the Atmos speakers.. This was accompanied by 2 brutal SVS PB3000 subwoofers and a nice Sony projector and screen.

West Midlands 1

When I first arrived I spent some time listening and then changed the toe in and placement of the speakers for a wider and clearer sound stage for 2 channel playback. I then set about the full Dirac Live Calibration using the latest 2.1 version of the software. The calibration turned into a bit of a marathon session taking over 10 years before we settled on a close to a perfect result as is realistically achievable. The challenge was two fold – taming the ferocious bass from the 2 SVS ported subwoofers – achieving a fine balance between punch attack and a visceral low end experience without overhang, thickening or muddying of the bass notes and sound stage clarity. The second challenge was keeping as much high frequency and upper mid range detail without moving into harshness or exaggerating vocal sibilance.

I kept at it because I knew the performance quality was there I just has to unlock it. the final section of the calibration was focused on music and I was able to achieve a very pleasing result for the customer. A long day, but a very enjoyable one and the end result really speaks for itself.

Customer Feedback
I had Terry to come and set up the ‘Dirac Live’ on my Arcam AVR850 and really delighted I did as it’s never sounded so good! He’s an all-round great guy and very conscientious about the quality of the work he does and only leaves when you are completely satisfied with the outcome, in my case going above and beyond with the time spent getting it right. He’s an absolute enthusiast on all things AV and a fountain of knowledge, but above all an absolute pleasure to work with. If you need Dirac setting up this is your chap!