I calibrated a really nice system for a customer comprising of Arcam AVR 850 and Arcam P777 7 channel power amplifier driving Revel Concerta Speakers for front 3 and side surrounds with SVS speakers for rear surrounds and 4 Q Acoustics for Dolby Atmos Speakers, cleverly mounted at height using speaker brackets. The customer has 2 SVS SB2000 subwoofers, a home media PC which integrated with his 65″ LG B7 OLED creating a hub for all his music and some movie streaming. This is backed up by a Sony UHD Blu Ray Player and there was also some custom acoustic treatments in the room.

Bolton 1

This was an interesting calibration because the customer has had his Arcam AVR 850 for some time and has been playing with Dirac since its first iteration. He had a good understanding of Dirac and had used it set the system up to a high performance level as was demonstrated to me on arrival.

I felt there was still a fair amount of room for improvement and as always started from the beginning by taking a good set of measurements to give me the platform I need to work from. I spent about 3 hours integrating the 2 SVS subwoofers, to squeeze as much performance from them as possible despite them not measuring that great at the MLP. From here I worked on creating the right balance of audio to blend all the differing speaker together but to maximise their individual strengths and rule out their weaknesses.

The end result was a very impactful, dynamic sound that is totally cohesive as a sound field despite the differing speakers, with a fantastic amount of high frequency clarity and detail, really very exceptional in that regard.

Then the last check was with music, previously the customer had to reduce the musical bass a lot to avoid muddying the sound, after the calibration he could have a really nice amount of bass which helped add a natural character to the music, especially vocal while remaining completely crisp and clear throughout.

Bolton 2

Customer Feedback
​All I can say is that you are a genius mate . You have what I would call Golden Ears !!!!!!! ☺👍☺👍
To be honest I did think that I may be disappointed because I did quite like the bog standard Dirac result but that was because I didn’t appreciate what a skilled calibrator could achieve.

You have taken my system to the next level, a level that I only dreamed of. I could have invested significantly more money in different hardware and not achieved the results that you have delivered for a far less cost and so I thank you greatly…..

Fantastic return on investment and something that I may never have achieved even given many years,