I calibrated a very nice 7.4.4 system for a customer based on London, his system comprised of an Arcam AVR 550 with an Arcam P429 for the 4 Dolby Atmos Speakers and a Cambridge Audio CXUHD 4K Blu Ray Player. The speakers were all PMC Tb2i and there was 2 PMC subwoofers at the front of the room and 2 MK Subwoofers at the rear of the room. There was a lot of Audioquest cabling and other video sources like Sky Q and an Amazon Fire Cube with a 65″ Sony UHD TV.

London 1

I started the calibration looking at the subwoofers and making sure all their phases were correct and they wasnt so this needed fixing. I used Dirac to measure the subwoofers to ensure the 2 subwoofers at the rear were not causing cancellation with the fronts.

I then spent approximately 5 hours taking full measurements and then dialling in the system using Dirac and my other methods and tricks to fully integrate the speakers with the subwoofers for a very detailed and immersive sound experience for both music and movies.

London 2

Customer Feedback
Last month I bought an Arcam AVR 550 from an official dealer. I was told to get in touch with my local Arcam dealer and they will happily do the calibration of the Arcam avr550 for me, great. I had two official dealers do the calibration and they failed to make Dirac live sound better on than off.

I was very unhappy and decided to do it myself. I went to YouTube and got confused. I stumbled across Pursuit Perfect System who offered a service to calibrate your Dirac Live system to Your liking. My eyes lit up and ears opened.

Terry came to my home, listen to me about what I wanted. He spent over six hours listening and calibrating every inch of my very difficult room. When I listened to the final calibration the speakers disappeared, I no longer had walls around me but ambience. Unbelievable, it sounded fantastic, he knows his stuff. For what he charged I would happily pay double. Terry is a hi fi enthusiast and an audiophile who always want to do a good job. I’m really happy with my system and I must get some sleep. Thank you very much Terry.