I calibrated this system and its probably my favourite calibration of the year. The system comprised of Arcam AVR550 Dali Epicon 6 Speakers and Opticon Centre and Surround Speakers with Dali Alecto speakers placed on top of the Epicon 6 for ceiling bouncing Atmos speakers and Dali Subwoofer. The system is a 5.1.2 system with Panasonic UHD Blu Ray player and Apple TV.


When I arrived I spent a good hour chatting to the customer about his system and how he felt about it. He had only just added the Epicon 6 speakers and wasn’t very happy with them, but I know how good they are as speakers and was confident I could make a big improvement to how they sound.

Initially I moved the subwoofer to a much better measuring spot in the room and then spent about 7 hours working on the system using Dirac to dial in the sound concentrating initially on music playback and then movie playback. The end result was a sound quality and quality of calibration I am extremely proud of, I was able to integrate the system to sound huge in the bass but tight controlled and pretty damn punchy for a single subwoofer setup. Its my favourite calibration of the year because I think the customer went from regretting buying his new speakers to I am guessing now loving them. I look forward to his feedback when once he has had some time to enjoy his system.

Chesterfield 2

Customer Feedback
​Whilst considering how to improve my recently upgraded midrange, surround sound system to particularly improve the music/stereo sound I started to get that old HiFi bug of what latest equipment to lust after next!

I originally owned a Denon AVRX3500 with Dali Opticon 6 front and centre speakers, smaller Dali rears and subwoofer. They were placed and setup by the technician from Richer Sounds and sounded reasonably good. I am lucky enough to have a cinema room separate from the living area, so can be more indulgent than most people. After a couple of years, on a bit of a whim and encouragement from a friend, I decided to add Dolby Atmos effects and bought a pair of Dali Alteco speakers and upgraded the receiver to an Arcam AVR550. Then I had to deal with Dirac!

There almost too much information on the web and AV forums for the average person with enthusiasm but not vast product knowledge to know where to start. I came across Terry by accident whilst watching a youtube review and discovered Terry’s services via his website www.pursuitperfectsystem.com. I contacted him to come and set up my system properly which he was happy to do so and in my opinion for a very reasonable fee.

The first thing I would like to say is Terry is professional, good company and an absolute pleasure to invite to my home. He is very knowledgeable but charmingly reticent to advise upgrades or changes to equipment without good reason. He spent many hours evaluation the room dynamics minimally moving speaker positions then calibrating Dirac to create an incredible soundstage.

He focussed on my request to improve stereo music listening then set up the rest of the surround system through Dirac with that in mind. The outcome still leaves me almost speechless. Streamed Music from Tidal displays an openness with tight solid bass and glorious vocals. Dolby Blockbuster movies sound better than the real cinema and ordinary TV a quantum better.

I cannot recommend terry or his skills highly enough and would encourage anyone with a system that can be tunes to get it done and enjoy the pleasure of your system rather than being slightly disappointed with the results of your purchases.