I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR20 which was used with an Arcam PA720 for a 5.3.6 system featuring the new Monitor Audio Gold speakers with 6 KEF Eggs for Atmos and REL T/9i Subs married to the muscle of a BK Electronics Monolith.


This is a great calibration, one I really enjoyed doing, the first few hours I worked with the customer to advise him on the best spots to install his 6 KEF eggs speakers for the most immersive Atmos experience. As the speakers can be angled and as he had the luxury of 6 of them I suggested an even spaced layout focusing their sound over the listening area arrangement
I then spent several hours working with Dirac taking measurements and using it to fine tune the sound of the system. The customer wanted a big and physical sound with lots of bass and that is exactly what I gave him. A system and sound that will put a huge smile on the customers face every day.