I calibrated the Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR 30 for a customer in Kent, he is the first customer to receive a free calibration after purchasing his AVR 30 through Nintronics as part of our joint agreement.

Kent 1

This calibration was very much COVID-19 Safe I wore a mask and gloves all day. The Calibration started with getting the AVR30 up to a current firmware which fixed quite a few issues the customer was having with the unit. I then helped the customer change the orientation of his surround speakers to create a better effect.

I then spent several hours calibrating the system which featured Revel speakers, REL Subwoofers, Oppo 205 UHD Blu Ray Player IsoTek mains conditioning, GIK Acoustics room treatments and more. The end result was an excellent sounding Home Cinema system that was also really performing for 2 channel music as well.

​Customer Feedback
I’ve been in to hifi and home cinema for for the past thirty years and thought I was quite knowledgeable, but when terry arrived on the scene with new ideas and technical expertise to install my Arcam AVR30 and changed speakers positions around and set up Dirac I was blown away by the difference it has made.

He takes his professional abilities very seriously and would recommend him very highly to anyone. Best regards.