I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR850 powering Bowes and Wilkins 700 Speakers with an SVS Subwoofer and Naim streamer.
This calibration had a very large focus on the system sound for music and I spent a good few hours working on the Dirac curve and the Arcam settings to unlock the sound with this system. I was very careful to keep the Bowers sound but remove the sound of the room and correctly integrate the subwoofer for music and movies. The customers biggest surprise was I was able to integrate his single SVS subwoofer so that he couldnt hear it in the left corner of his room, even in block buster movies.

London 1

Customer Comments
Had Terry over to calibrate my system. We sat for hours with him tweaking settings and listening and tweaking some more until finally .
If you, like me, have invested a lot on getting a nice sound you have to give Terry a shot. He’s resolved the issues I was getting with directional bass, the overall sound I’m now getting is just sumptuous. 5 Stars well deserved!!