I calibrated the Dirac within an Arcam AVR550 as part of a very nice system for a London based customer. The full system comprised of KEF Q series speakers with a REL Strata 5 subwoofer. The rest of the system comprised of PS4, Apple TV and a Roksan streaming DAC for music.

London 1

I started the calibration spending some time listening to the system and to how the customer had set it up and why. Once I felt I knew the system and rooms signature I spent a good period of time taking high quality measurements making sure Dirac had the correct data to work with.

I then spent about 5 hours working with Dirac to dial in the subwoofer, integrate the whole system together for movies, but I also spent a good period of time working on the music performance of the system to massively improve that as well. I took extra time to show the customer what I was doing to try and help them better understand what Dirac is capable of so he can have a play around with it in the future.

Customer Feedback
​I’d already had a pretty good go with Dirac, experimenting with a few different target curves, when looking for further guidance online I stumbled upon Terry’s YouTube channel. I was enjoying the sound I’d achieved so far, but had a nagging feeling that I still wasn’t quite making the most of my system, so I booked Terry. Very glad I did.

He was diligent and methodical throughout, getting to know the system before measuring and optimising it to its full capabilities, ultimately looking at the speakers’ individual characteristics within the room to perfectly integrate them. He knows Arcam receivers inside out, adjusting settings I didn’t even know existed. Bass response was the most remarkable improvement for me, Terry fine-tuning my sub and speakers until we arrived at a bass that ‘steps on you’ as he succinctly put it – deep, tight, punchy but still musical.

​Not only does my system sound better than ever, but I also understand how to make my own adjustments in future if needed, as Terry took the time to explain what he was doing at every step. A really enjoyable day and a great result that works wonderfully for music and movies.