I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR40 Processor for a customer with an amazing, dream like Home Cinema featuring Arcam amplification, Bowers and Wilkins 800 and 700 speakers, with three REL subwoofers, Sony 4K laser projector and more.

London 1

I started the calibration by rearranging how the system was setup and configured to better suit how the speakers and subwoofers were arranged and through the calibration process we ended up changing how the amplification was arranged too.

London 2

I spent a good few hours checking things over to make the sure the subwoofers were all set optimally before starting the measurement process to put the system in the best starting point. I took the correct measurements for the space and set to work dialling the sound of the system in. Being a huge space I worked hard to keep the sheer scale of sound the system could deliver, being careful not to let Dirac overdo its corrections, but also to utilise what it does best.

London 3

This was a long calibration, I started work about 10.30am and left about 1 am, I made sure to check lots of different content to make sure I had the system set to be within about an inch of its performance window. Some of this was from what Dirac does and some of it was my personal adjustments to the Arcam settings in the menu to unlock even better sound.

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Customers Comments
“Having recently purchased a good AVR system for a dedicated Cinema room, it was only logical to acquire the services of an expert calibrator ensuring I was maximising on the purchase. I stumbled across Terry Ellis’s “Pursuit Perfect Systems” YouTube channel. I watched several videos and instantly realised Terry was the guy I needed. I sent an email over the weekend and to my surprise heard back within hours. We agreed on a date, Terry turned up early on the day and performed his magic!!!

​I can’t speak highly enough of the end results. It would not be an exaggeration to state the system was unrecognisable after Terry performed the Dirac calibration. His expert ear and tremendous experience has greatly improved my listening pleasure. Not only is Terry a delightful person, his passion, enthusiasm and determination to create the BEST possible outcome is unrivalled. It’s absolutely clear to me why his channel is called “Pursuit for Perfect Systems”… Because he aspires for EVERYONE to have this exact experience!!”