I calibrated the Dirac within a customers Arcam AVR 390 as part of a system consisting of Monitor Audio Gold speakers, Bower PV1 subwoofer, Panasonic 9000 UHD Blu Ray Player, Arcam CD Player and a Sony 65″ LED TV.

Sussex 1

The biggest complaint the customer had with the system before the calibration was the struggle to hear the vocals clearly, he would have to turn the system up to hear the vocal then back down when it was too loud. A sign of the system being unbalanced.

When I took the measurements the room was messing with the sound a fair amount and making the speakers measure leaner than ideal. I decided to move the subwoofer more into the corner to enhance the low end from the PV1 subwoofer and selected it to its most flat and extended output mode. I also with the customer made sure the speakers were equal distance away from the main listening position.

The with the power of Dirac I was able to totally balance the system with great overall bass power, presence and control with a very integrated, impactful and quality overall sound. I was able to achieve great vocal clarity.

Sussex 2