I completed an Online Dirac calibration for this customer who was having real trouble using a miniDSP DDRC22D to balance the sound of his system. It was the balance he was having real problems with, the sound from the Left and Right speakers was not sound even.

Czechia 1

This calibration started with my giving the customer advice on where is the best place to locate his subwoofer and asked him to take some measurements using Dirac in the miniDSP to decide this. The second stage was very challenging because my usual calibration method did not work here, the curve that was required to try and make the speakers sound even and balanced was completely different from any other curve I have created before and each speaker required a different curve which is not something I have ever done for a stereo system. Every situation is different and requires a unique approach.

Czechia 2

I was able to get things very close to sounding perfectly balanced by adjusting the the customers feedback and I massively improved the bass from the customers system, and he was able to use what he learnt from my work to make the final changes to balance to his complete liking.