I calibrated Dirac Live wihin an Audio Control AVR-7 as part of a Home Cinema system in a beautiful home in India. The customer contacted me to help them as they had a system installed but they wasn’t happy with the sound, they felt the bass was ok but they felt the system was lacking in treble.

The system comprised of Dali Zensor front speakers and Fazon surround speakers with two Dali E-Subwoofers a Sony 4K projector and 4k TV.

India 1

This was a challenging calibration because the customer really wanted the best sound and has a very big room which creates a lot of acoustical challenges. Firstly the treble from the front speakers measured low hence why the customer was complaining of not having enough treble. I was able to use Dirac to push the treble from all the speakers as per the customers request and I then tried to make the system as impactful as possible from a bass point of view. This is where systems can hit its limits.

India 2

I had to set the output of the system based on the capability of the bass in the system from the speakers / subwoofer and in this setup the bass output was about equal from both, with the sub woofers being positioned close to the left speaker. The customer was asking for more than the system could really deliver cleanly and certain changes had to be made to the calibration for the centre channel speaker to reduce the harshness caused by the treble push and I had to try and maximise the impact of the smaller and higher positioned surround speakers. I did the best I could to try and balance everything and deliver what the customer wanted which changed a lot through the process.

India 3