I calibrated Dirac Live for a customer in Bedfordshire.  His high performing discrete system consisted on an Arcam AVR30 powering Bowers and Wilkins M1 speaker package with a REL HT/1205

The customer is a former high level classical musician and played in large orchestra, nothing like a bit of pressure setting up a system for someone with that background.  I worked in the calibration in the exact same way I would normally and concentrated on the systems sound quality for music first.  With the speakers being installed high I was initially struggling to get the system to sound free of the front wall and this took me sometime to figure out how to overcome this.  However overcome this I did and I was able to integrate the subwoofer with the speakers seamlessly, despite there being some gap in the region of the crossover.

The end result was a system that sounded far better than it did before to for both music and movies because the sound stage created is extremely free of the speakers and in the room.

Customers Comments