Todays Dirac Live calibration was for a customer in Berkshire, his awesome home theatre system consists of an Arcam AVR30 with PMC Speakers and dual REL subwoofers and as you can see more toys.

I followed my standard calibration procedure of getting two channel to sound just right. This took me a couple of hours and 6 different target curve designs to find the sweet spot for the speakers and system. I then integrated the dual subwoofers for two channel to get their integration and time alignment about perfect.

I then used what I leant and put that to good use for the movie sound side of the system and spent a few hours working on levels and time alignment to bring the whole system into a fine balance of everything, detail, excitement immersion and impact but with subtlety that keeps you wanting to listen to more. 

Then the icing on the cake was adding Dirac Bass Control processing which helped to improve the audible bass resolution of the system which helped to improve the overall systems integration of speakers to subwoofers, improving the perception of clarity and space.

Finally going to back to two channel music for a final check and tweak Bass Control was had made a really nice improvement for music too.

The customer text me shortly after I left to let me know him and his wife are really happy with what I did 😎

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