Todays Dirac Live calibration was for a customer in Buckinghamshire. His awesome home theatre system was in a dedicated room with a 134″ screen SVS speakers and subwoofers with JBL AV receiver and power amplifier.

I really worked some charm on this system and spent a few hours on its sound for two channel music even though the customer said he never listens to music on this system. The reason I did it was knowing he most likely would do after he realised how good music could sound when the system is dialled to this kind of level.
On that note I was able to make music sound large smooth and totally free of the speakers, you could not tell at all the speakers were low down. The sound stage filled the whole front area of the room and beyond with the vocal being large and solid in the middle. It take serious skill to achieve this, I achieve it every calibration these days without fail.

I then took what I learnt here to achieve an outright outstanding home theatre sound from the system in every regard. The overall scale of sound I created by getting the bass just right timed perfectly with all 11 other speakers, all done manually takes serious skill, but the result is a system that then performs on a whole other level. This is all done with setup, I didn’t touch or move anything. 😎

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