I calibrated Dirac Live within a JBL SDP55 AV Processor  as part of a very high end Home Cinema system featuring a mixture PMC, KEF and Bowers & Wilkins speakers, Bryston, Arcam and Rotel amplification, Two different REL subwoofers, Naim and Blusound sources, 78″ TV and more toys. 

mark jbl sdp 55 processor bryston pmc kef dirac live calibration 1

The customer had some previous bad luck, so for this calibration I also did the full installation of the JBL processor wiring everything up, I took it upon myself to try and tidy things up some for the customer in particular with his mains cable arrangement.  The customer was using multi strips to power the amplifiers and I reorganised this so that as many of the amplifiers were being powered straight from the wall mains as possible.

I then spent the hours needed to set him a custom Dirac Live curve to maximise the sound in his room, taking into account the many different speakers and optimising the system to sound as one, you could not tell the speakers were different after I was finished. 

I also integrated the bass spot on and took into account the seating position which was a long way from the front speaker array, I was able to being the front sound stage out so that you still felt in connection with the action that was happening on the TV. 

mark jbl sdp 55 processor bryston pmc kef dirac live calibration 2

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