I calibrated Dirac Live for a customer in Lincolnshire.  His awesome home cinema system consisted on an Arcam AVR30 powering KEF R Series series speakers with a KEF subwoofer a huge 86″ TV and many other toys

The customer had owned an Arcam AVR850 for years and just upgraded to the AVR30 as part of some major renovations to his home and main cinema listening room.  He was apprehensive to make the upgrade because he was happy with his AVR850.

I took the AVR30 with me and installed it for him.  I then spent about 6 hours calibrating the system in my usual fashion music first, movies second, back to music at the end for a final tune.

Once I was happy with the sound of the system I asked the customer to come and have a listen and he quickly remarked and asked how it was possible for it to be such a night and day difference between the systems sound now to what it was before.  I told him the truth some of it is the better AV Receiver, better DAC and processing but the big difference is in the setup, I extracted the maximum sound quality from the system with experience and skill.

Interestingly the customer didn’t use the system to listen to music before, preferring his multi room Sonos setup.  I demonstrated some music to him and I think he was stunned by how good it sounded and I think will likely listen to a lot more music on it now.

Customers Comments