I calibrated, for the fourth time, for the same London based customer Dirac Live within his Arcam AVR30 as he has continued to develop his system and listening room over a number of years. He recently added a new Monitor Audio platinum subwoofer, new SVS height speakers and a new music source and DAC in the dCS Bartok with the additional clock. He upgraded to a Roon server with linear power supply and to Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speaker cables.

This joined his exiting Monitor Audio Platinum II front speakers and Gold rear speakers, IsoTek mains conditioning and other system toys.

Having visited this customer as much as I have I have gotten to know this system and room very well, but this time was different.  The upgrades he has made gave the system a much better starting point, i.e. much better sound without any calibration on the system.

Whats interesting about that is how far I was then able to take the system sound with the calibration, the better the starting point the better the end point, or how much more I could do with the calibration because I could hear more and fine tune much more.  In fact I was fine tuning the time delay of the subwoofer and speakers down to 0.01 ms level of tolerance to try and get each speaker time aligned to perfection with the subwoofer.

This is extremely difficult to do and it took me hours, but the end result was worth it.  The customers system now sounds incredible and totally night and day different and better than my three previous visits even with my calibrations.  What the customer has been doing to upgrade his system has definately been working.

Customers Comments

Hi Terry,
Amazing job you did to our system, even better then the previous one Thank You
Merry Christmas & wish you great New Year Ahead
Kind regards