I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR 30 for a customer with a lovely HiFi system integrated with his AVR for movies featuring Monitor Audio Platinum speakers, REL S8/12 Subwoofer, dCS Network Bridge, Chord Electronics DAVE DAC and other toys.

Dirac Live Calibration service monitor audio arcam avr 30 chord dave london 1

This is a customer whom I have completed a Dirac Live Calibration several times as he has upgraded his system over time and I take great pride in being hired multiple times by the same customer.  This time the customer had upgraded his subwoofer and his source to try and get the best HiFi two channel sound possible.

I spent about five hours working on the Dirac Calibration to get the best sound for music I could, I really fine tuned the sound of the system across twelve calibration variations, tweaks and changes to get the system to sound the best it can.  The system is situated in very lively acoustic room so its a challenge to not overly tone the sound of the system down with the calibration, the keep the life and the soul of the system but use Dirac to try and tighten the sound as much as possible.

I then used what I had learned about getting the best stereo sound and put that into multi channel to get the system sounding fantastic for movies too.  I put my heart and soul into every calibration I do as I know the results are worth it

Dirac Live Calibration service monitor audio arcam avr 30 chord dave london 2

Customers Comments

Hi Terry,
We both loved what you did to the system with both music & movies we can hear each and every instrument in the song, its absolutely amazing.
All the best for remaining Year hope Dirac calibration keeps you busy 🤞