I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR850 for a customer in London with their Dolby Atmos system featuring speakers from PMC, dual subwoofers from SVS, a Bluesound streamer and some other toys

dirac live calibration april 2021 belvedere london website 1

Meeting the customer it was obvious he listened to a lot of music and cared about the systems sound quality for stereo playback.  During the calibration the customer was listening to the system as I was fine tuning the sound concentrating on its stereo performance and I could tell he liked bass and was used to a very bassy sound.  I too like music to have a very good amount of bass but you have to be very careful because its easy to have a lot of bass and no clarity, its easy to have aa lean bass and clarity – finding a sweet spot of the two is not easy and I worked for hours trying to find the best balance of the two.

dirac live calibration april 2021 belvedere london website 2

Once I was happy with the sound of the system for stereo music I turned my attention to the systems sound for movies and used what I have learnt about the system to get the sound of movies dialled in to a high level too.

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