I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR 860 AV Processor with an Arcam P777 Amplifier powering a 5.2 system featuring Monitor Audio Platinum speakers, with two REL Acoustics G2 subwoofers a Bluesound Node Digital source and Clearaudio turntable and other toys.

dirac live calibration brano website 1

The customer uses his system mainly for listening for music so I spent the lions share of the calibration time getting the system to sound its best for 2 channel but I integrated the REL subwoofers to add more bass muscle, in doing so they improved the overall sound of the system.

Following this I worked on the home cinema sound of the system, made some changes and special tweaks to get best out of the system for movies too.

dirac live calibration brano website 2

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