I calibrated Dirac Live the software version within a tower pc for a customer dedicated two channel hifi system featuring the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Diamond 3 speakers powered from dual Devialet amplifiers with a Michell turntable as one source and an Oppo 205 as another.

dirac software bowers wilkins 800 d3 devialet website 1

The customer really wanted all of his sources feeding through Dirac to get the full benefit for his turntable and playing CD, movies and TV from his Oppo and BT sources.  Unfortunately this was not possible because he needed dedicated hardware to allow this to happen such as a miniDSP SHD.  So what I did was calibrate Dirac within the tower pc using it as the music source playing CD’s or files from hard drives or streamed.

I then setup files so that the customer could take new Dirac measurements if he decides to purchase a miniDSP SHD, I think he will be and he could use my saved files on the SHD to port my calibration across to all his sources.

dirac software bowers wilkins 800 d3 devialet website 2

The Bowers 800 D3 are excellent speakers and of course I wanted to keep as much of their original sound as possible.  However one negative they have is some shrillness and or sibilance in some music and I was able to take that out without negatively effecting their sound in anyway.

I also saturated their mid range and vocals delivery and improved their bass power and presence and also made their sound stage more solid and convincing.

All achieved without moving or changing any components

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