I visited a customer to help them setup and Dirac Live Calibrate their Arcam AVR 550 used with Monitor Audio Speakers. Sadly the customer had an issue with their subwoofer so I had to set the system up without the subwoofer and I was able to achieve an overall sound not that far off what a small subwoofer would add.

Northwest England

Customers Feedback

​Hi Terry,

Thanks for a great day addressing the many issues needing to be resolved in setting up my my Arcam AVR550
You managed to resolve all these issues and also after finding a fault with my bass sub woofer achieved a superb sound without having to use it in the final set up.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring a good system setup using the Dirac analysis software to achieve the best optimised sound solution for any room configuration. This coupled with your expertise in tweaking the sound after the analysis to achieve the best possible result.

Thanks once again for a job very well done.