In total I drove 11+ hours to complete a calibration for a customer in South West Wales, his system consisted of an Arcam AVR20 with Monitor Audio speakers a BK Electronics subwoofer a HUGE Sony Electronics TV and other toys in his family media room.

In total I was working on this calibration for 6 hours non stop finding the systems sweet-spot for sound for both music and movies. One challenge to overcome was the centre speaker height and making it sound accurate at the listening position, I achieved this
Setting up a system with a single sub woofer is always more tricky to find the optimum balance of as much presence as possible without the subwoofer sounding directional, I worked on this for hours but nailed it

In wall speakers require a different approach to their calibration so that they sound more free of the front wall rather than stuck to it and I achieved this for this system and then some.

I also better setup the customers different sources to make sure he was always getting the best sound source from them too as of course it matters.

I am sure the customer and his family are in for some special movie nights ahead

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