I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR30 AV Receiver as part of a hybrid Dolby Atmos Home Cinema HiFi system with Accuphase amplifier feeding into Naim speakers with a custom subwoofer and 4 KEF ceiling speakers with lots of other HiFi toys from Chord Melco and Linn, A very nice setup.

arcam avr 30 naim speakers accupashe website 1

The customer asked me to calibrate his system for TV and movie sound predominantly as he has a separate HiFi system with high end streamer DAC and turntable, however I did my usual and worked on the systems sound for music first.  I learn more about a systems performance this way and I achieved very good stereo sound.

I then as always took what I learned and used it to push the systems sound for the best I could achieve for its home cinema performance doing a lot of testing and Terry Ellis tweaking

arcam avr 30 naim speakers accupashe website 2

Customers Comments

Hi Terry,

Many thanks for the excellent job you did with setting up DIRAC properly on my AVR-30 yesterday, had a good listen last night & it sounds great! It was a pleasure to meet you & chat with the similarly afflicted…