I calibrated Dirac Live for a repeat customer who is based in Wakefield.  The customer just upgraded his system to feature an Arcam AVR30 with all Monitor Audio Silver speakers and a Mission subwoofer.  I was there to calibrate the system a second time because of the upgrades.

The customer uses the system mostly for TV and watching Movies and listening to music streamed mostly non critically, for serious HiFi listening he generally uses his turntable back into the Arcam.

Knowing the customer and his music taste and having a record I was able to get to the good sound result for the system quite quickly.  However as always I went the extra mile to dial the system sound in even better by making specific adjustments to certain things to improve vocal clarity, bass presence and timing, and the overall soundstage balance.  These seem like small things but they make a huge difference to the systems performance.

Customers Comments