I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arc am AV40 Processor with dual Arcam Multi channel power amplifiers the PA720 and PA410 driving KEF Reference speakers at the front with KEF in ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos and LS50 for rear speakers. Supporting this were dual REL Carbon Special subwoofers and other toys.

dirac live calibration worcester kef reference speakers rel

The calibration started with a full rewire, the customer had installed the processor on top of the power amplifier and I felt this could be a bad move long term for heat moving up into the processor.  I removed all the cables and reinstalled and rewired everything, suggesting a few changes to how the system was setup.

I then moved onto the usual checks making sure the subwoofers are in phase and set with the right levels for an optimum setup after the Dirac correction.

The acoustics of the room were challenging and I wanted to get everything as perfect as I could for the customer of course, concentrating on the systems sound initially for stereo and multichannel stereo as part of the full calibration for music.  The end result a massive improvement and a cracking overall sounding system.

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