I calibrated Dirac Live for a customer in Yorkshire, his awesome HiFi system consists of an NAD M33 powering Bowers and Wilkins 704S2 Speakers with Tellurium Q Black speaker cables and now dual REL T9S subwoofers

This is a customer whose system I had recently calibrated as you will see lower down on this website.  The customer was extremely happy with my calibration as I had pushed the system way beyond where it was, but he felt the older RELQ200 subwoofer was not delivering the level of bass needed for the best sound, he then upgraded to the dual REL T9X and hired me to calibrate the system again

I used Dirac to measure the speakers and subwoofers to set the phase correctly and crossovers optimally to not only blend the speakers with the subs, but also fill the main bass nulls at the listening position.  I also listened and tuned the subwoofers position by ear to better time align the subwoofers with the speakers. To be fair just doing this process well already improved the system no end before even doing anything with Dirac.

I then got to work with Dirac optimising the target curve specific to the system room and what I know thew customer likes and considering I have calibrated this system before it still took me many hours and 10 attempts to get things to where I was happy.  I then tweaked things further and the end result was nothing short of outstanding with the system being pretty unrecognisable from before. The scale of the system was twice the size as before, the bass was now powerful, deep 24hz deep with impact authority and control, the vocals sounded larger and tonally more rich and the treble smoother while the whole system sounded more lively.  This is because the additional bass allowed to push the main speakers more to deliver more excitement while still staying in balance.

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