I completed a Dirac Live calibration was for a customer on the Isle of Man. His system consists of an Arcam AV 40 with Tag McLaren amplifiers Bowers & Wilkins 800 speakers all round and a REL Acoustics and an M&K Sound subwoofers,  with many more toys in a dedicated very nice sized room.

The customer has just upgraded his system to feature 9 speakers on the bass level with 4 in ceiling for a very cool Dolby Atmos setup so hired me a second time to calibrate the system.

I know the customer listens to a lot of two channel music so I focused on that side of the systems sound initially harnessing the power of Dirac Bass Control to fantastically integrate the front speakers and subwoofers to create a big energetic lively but sweet sound. Even I was surprised how nice this system sounded for two channel after my calibration. Over 20 year old speakers made to sound like new.

I then used what I learnt here and put that into the cinema sound, again harnessing the power of Bass Control plus a lot of my own level and time alignment adjustment to create a stunningly good home cinema experience.

My flight home was cancelled so I got to spend extra time enjoying the system in the evening and I could have stayed in there enjoying it all weekend.

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