Two Dirac Live calibrations completed in two days including 11+ hours of driving. This North West based customers system was fronted by an Arcam AVR20, used with active and passive ATC speakers, an SVS subwoofer and other nice toys such as a Marantz SACD Player and more.

The customers lovely room proves a challenge for getting great audio, like every room does. Using Dirac and my other skills for setup I spent the first few hours finding the right overall balance for the system which included finding the right balance between the AVR20 and the ATC preamplifier used to control the volume of the active ATC speakers.

I really worked hard on this calibration and was able to transform the system from something the customer was really struggling to enjoy across a wide variety of content sources to a system that was exceeding his best expectations for everything. I left with the system sounding really very awesome.

Customers Comments

Hello Terry,

I wanted to say thankyou for doing such an amazing job calibrating my Arcam AVR 20 AV Amplifier. I am genuinely blown away with the results, I can’t comprehend how you have managed to extract every last bit of the amplifier’s ability to the point that it now sounds absolutely stunning with both music and movies. It was so bad that I suspected the amplifier had a fault, clearly it was just the settings that only you could sort out. You have demonstrated that Dirac room correction is amazing but very complicated to use and so in my opinion anyone that has this set up needs to have your expertise as it is impossible to do yourself.

I live on the Wirral so for you to drive from Essex is above and beyond what anyone could expect so I really appreciate all your efforts, spending an entire day calibrating the amp shows how much effort you put into getting the best result for your clients, on top of this you are a really nice fella and it was a pleasure to get to spend time with you improving my understanding.

I put John Wick on after you left and me and my son had the biggest grins on our faces, we simply couldn’t believe what we were hearing, it felt like a 100K system.

The value that you offer for your service is off the scale.

Once again thanks for all your help.