I online calibrated Dirac live within an Arcam AVR30 for a customer based in Singapore. His system comprised of Bowers and Wilkins 805 D3 speakers, with PV1 Subwoofer and M1 rear speakers, with a Zappitti Media Server.

Singapore 1

This calibration went extremely well, the customer was very fortunate that his speakers measured with an excellent natural in room response curve shape. The bass extension from the front 3 speakers allowed for them to be used as Large speakers with only needing the subwoofer to be used as LFE in home cinema.

I started by setting a calibration for music playback and I offered the customer several different options based on his feedback. I used what I learned from this to create a calibration for home cinema being careful with how I set the subwoofer due to the customer requirements.

Simgapore 2