I went on a Dirac Live calibration road trip, travelling over a thousand miles in total visiting four different customers over four days to setup their systems.

Day one was for a customer in Derby, his Arcam AVR30 based system with KEF speakers, Arendal subwoofers with an Auralic Altair music Streamer

Day two was in Leeds completing a calibration for a customers Arcam AVR31 bases system with Dali speakers and a REL subwoofer.  I forgot to take a photo of this system, DOH!!

Day three was in Stockport completing a calibration for a customers Arcam AVR30 based system with PMC speakers and REL subwoofers. This customer used to work in the HiFi industry so knew what he was looking for sound wise from the system and I was still able to blow him away with what I did to the sound of his system.

Day four was a calibration for a customer in Lincolnshire, his Arcam AVR 31 based system with Monitor Audio Gold speakers and subwoofer.  The dealer whom he bought the system from installed the AVR and did a calibration.  This is a previous customer of mine who had just upgraded to the AVR31 in.his new home so he knew what the Arcam’s should sound like and wasn’t happy with the sound, especially for music.  I totally trasnformed the sound of the system for music and movies and from very bland dull and overly bass heavy to open clear precise with much more bass punch and dynamics.

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