I completed my second International calibration for a customer in New York and this has set a new precedent for me to be able to calibrate systems for audiophiles all over the World.

Using a remote desktop link I was able to take control of Dirac Live on the customers computer and from his feedback of how the system sounded following detailed instructions I gave him with taking good quality measurements I was able to calibrate the system as if I was there in person. This is a major step forward.

The system comprised of Klipsch RP-280F Towers Klipsch RP-450C Center Klipsch RP-240S Surrounds and Klipsch RP-140SA Atmos channels mounted on the wall above the TV facing down towards the MLP. supported by an SVS PC-2000. subwoofer. The AV Receiver featuring Dirac was a fully updated NAD V758-V3

New York 1

This was a long calibration largely because of my learning curve with NAD implementation of Dirac Live and working out how best to advise the customer on setting their sub woofer levels. The fact I am not there to hear meant I would focus on one area of the systems performance at a time, bass quality and integration for movies, overall clarity followed by mid range and treble balance. Lastly I created a custom curve specific for 2 channel listening.

My only regret is that I was not there to hear this superb system singing in all its glory.

Customer Feedback and REVIEW of my work
Let me start by saying that I think I have a pretty good grasp of audio quality and Dirac implementation. I regularly search the web for any additional knowledge that I can gain, especially about Dirac. I came across Terry’s website actually a few years ago and watched his videos about setting up Dirac, so I think it’s kind of funny it came full circle. Upon revisiting Terry’s site to see if anything was new since I last visited I noticed he did in home calibrations. Sadly he does these in the UK. Until I read he can help over email. I reached out immediately.

I knew my system had way more to give, even though I thought I knew what I was doing. Once we got to talking we set out on a mission to make my system give every ounce of it’s potential. Once I had a good set of measurements I had Terry share my screen so he could manipulate the Dirac graphs as if he were there. Might as well leave it to the expert. The fact that Terry could interpret what I was hearing through my words and make those changes with out hearing anything himself is a true testament to this gentleman’s skill.

He was extremely patient and very quick to reply during the entire process. I know I kept him up late a few times with our 5 hour time difference so he could accommodate my schedule. He didn’t even complain a little. The end result was better than I could have imagined. I thought I had bass. What I actually had was rumbles on the floor.

​I honestly didn’t know I was missing all that good impactful bass. The feel it in your chest, take your breath away type. Sonically the entire room is balanced as if I were in a bubble. It has such presence. The audio friends I have demoed it for have said “It’s better than a movie theater” and “The audio is so good that the 4k picture is actually what takes away from the realism of being there”. Let me say this if you’re even slightly hesitant to have someone adjust your system without being there DON’T! Terry is a treasure and whenever I need anything in the future will be where I turn first to get things done right.