I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customers in the US awesome Home Cinema system consisting of an Arcam AV40 with two Marantz multi channel power amplifiers, JBL Speakers, dual SVS ported subwoofers and more toys.

The customer was happy with the sound of his system for music and had been calibrating Dirac himself, but he couldn’t quite get the system to sound they way he wanted and felt it should and so hired me.

I worked on the calibration with the customer for about 6 hours, quite quickly finding a sound sweet spot the customer was happy with, but over the day and testing more varied content I could tell there were certain bits he wanted changing.  I worked on and tried various ways to push the customers system to deliver as much and the best sound I could taking into account the high SPL’s the customer plays at and his and his wife’s desire for a lot of bass.

Overall the customer seemed happy with the end result and will do a final longer listening session over a few days to check and make sure.

Customers Comments