I online calibrated Dirac Live within an NAD AV receiver for a customer I had previously calibrated Dirac for and who moved home and wanted me to work for again in his new dedicated home cinema room.

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The customers Dolby Atmos Home Cinema system consists of Klipsch speakers and SVS subwoofers, a second one was added during the calibration process. This calibration was a challenge and really showed the power of what Dirac both shows you and is capable of doing. The customer just by pure bad luck with his rooms acoustics had bass problems at his main listening position which is extremely common. I worked with Dirac to try and correct this but it resulted in pushing a single SVS subwoofer too hard which made it audible as to where the bass was coming from. The customer added a second subwoofer to his system, both at the rear of the room which helped some but still there was bass problems in certain frequency regions. I used Dirac in combination with REW to isolate the problem and set a very custom Dirac Live curve, using a different technique to what I normally do to help give the customers system a lot of chest hit bass that was missing before. It took longer to complete this calibration but that is fine, I keep working for my customers until I can do no more for them and their systems.

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Customers Feedback
Wow the sound!! Terry does it again. You want to know the mark of great service? Coming back again! I recently completed a 5-month build on my home theater in my basement. I knew everything would sound good but when you invest that amount of time you want great. Since Terry calibrated my last home I knew if I wanted great I had to get in touch with him again. Terry’s remote calibration of Dirac allows me to truly experience theater quality audio. Maybe even better! It was so simple, for me at least. He makes it a point to explain everything he does thoroughly and simply if required. I love my setup now. Thank you Sir.