I online calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR20 including the new Multi-Sub Bass Control add on module for a customer with varied speakers from Devore Fidelity, Polk and 2 different manufacturer and age subwoofers.

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This was a calibration where I helped the customer through all the stages of the process, getting a USB drive correctly formatted and the latest firmware updated onto the Arcam. Then as normal through all the measurements including doing some checks on the speakers tweeters. Then working with Dirac to tie the systems sound together.
Customers Comments
Hi Terry,

Let me begin by thanking you for your professional attitude. At no point in our “conversation” did I feel as if you had lost your patience with my inexperience. No matter what question I threw over to you, the response was clear and on the mark. Your technical knowledge is amazing. I am so glad I viewed your YouTube video on the Arcam30 which allowed me to get a sense of what great machines Arcam make.

But in real time, the great machine would not have been of any use to me if you had not taken me step by step through room correction via DiracLive. The sound you were able to create is the finest I have ever had, which includes separates from Arcam itself and Parasound and McCormick among others.

It was truly a pleasure to go through all that was needed, including adding a microphone that was more accurate, etc..

I hope that others will be able to experience with you the joy of all the ups and downs of making something as close to perfect as you did. The journey was worth it all.

Thank you again