I online calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR550 used with an external Power Amplifier to drive custom install Bowers & Wilkins speakers with an SVS subwoofer placed at the rear of the room. The home cinema was professionally built and looks stunning and the customer had done some Dirac calibration work himself but contacted me because he wanted to try and maximise the sound from his system.

France 1

One of the challenges of this calibration was working with 2 very different performing subwoofers, a Bowers custom install subwoofer and a in room SVS SB4000. I worked around this and worked with the customer as a team to take a good set of measurements and then dial in a custom Dirac Live curve for the system and the room. I then advised on some settings within the Arcam menu to better balance the system and better integrate the rear speakers, which the customer had said were always very vague sounding.

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