I completed an online Dirac Live calibration for a customers big home cinema system, the customer who was a Cinema Projectionist for 18 years. His system consists of Emotiva electornics and SVS speakers and subwoofers and not one but two 4k Projectors from JVC and Sony.

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This was a very in depth calibration and I spent a good number of hours working with the customer testing subwoofer phase to try and get the best starting point for before the Dirac calibration. I then worked on the system for several hours creating custom Dirac Live target curves for the best possible sound from the system. I then advised the customer on what to do next to adjust the settings to dial things in even more.

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Customers Feedback
I had the honour of Mr Terry Ellis calibrating my home theatre through Dirac. Although the system is big, Mr Ellis took it into his stride and managed to transform it into something I never dreamt of!! Not being that technical myself, I still tried a basic Dirac calibration. However, watching Mr Ellis working through the Dirac programme, and guiding me during the measurement process, more than convinced me what an amateur I am!!

Mr Ellis worked his magic by designing custom curves specifically for my system and for the in-room response of my theatre. By doing so, and particularly by integrating the bass units with the rest of the fifteen channels, the overall sound has taken a new dimension where the front soundstage is more dynamic, speech is more coherent, and effects literally wrap you up in a sound bubble.

Anyone having an AVunit with Dirac should do himself and his theatre the favour of having Mr Ellis take it the its utmost level. Thank you Terry!!