I calibrated Dirac Live within an Arcam AVR390 for a customer who is a long term viewer of my YouTube channel who has a system with Arendal Speakers, with subwoofer and a Ken Kriesel Subwoofer.

Portugal 1

I worked through the calibration process and tried to give the customer as much bass from his system as possible as that is what he was trying to achieve as the main goal from my calibration, combined with improved overall clarity.

Portugal 2

Customers Feedback
​Hello Terry, how are you? sorry if I haven’t emailed you before

Anyway, the online calibration that you did for me, was impressive, telling me exactly where to put the microphone, that was different than when I did it, and afterwards watching you setting up the curve and small attentions to details was amazing, my system now sounds massively better than my calibration, there’s now plenty of bass coming out of those 2 subs, and the speakers sounds a lot clearer than before, and to think that I thought that my calibration was very good, thank you very much for being so patient with me, once again thank you for a great job well done, so if you want a job well-done call the professionals, glad you could do it.

Thank you, Terry