I calibrated Dirac Live within an Emotiva XMC-2 AV Processor for a customer with a stunning Dolby Atmos home cinema featuring Arendal 1723S THX 11.2 speakers with SVS Subwoofers, Outlaw amplification and more toys.  The customer had been struggling to get a sound he was happy with since adding the Emotiva processor and he hired me to get him the best from it possible.

Dirac live professional calibration service config Jan 2021

There was a lot to take into account for this calibration such as the speaker and subwoofer placement in relation to the main seating position, the size of the room and its acoustic make up and some other key factors.

I worked through the calibration process as normal but spent a good couple of hours testing the system in different ways and looking at alternative placement for the front right subwoofer to see if we could use it to get a better measured bass response from the front right speaker.  I then spent the time needed to dial in the Dirac target curve specific to this system and room, taking into account the customers preferences too and we reached a very nice end result.

Dirac live professional calibration service config Jan 2021 2

Customers Comments

As many of you I was excited to get into Dirac but I quickly learned it wasn’t as straightforward as you would want it to be. As a result my system sounded lifeless, no impact and hugely disappointing. DTSx sounded bright and Atmos sounded lifeless. Then came post processing issues with Using DTS-X Neural. It was just all over the place.

I was fortunate enough to come across Terry and after a quick chat he knew exactly what I was experiencing. We scheduled a meet in remote fashion and spent the next several hours looking at everything from the room acoustic issues I had to sub placement. Terry was patient and extremely knowledgeable. The end result was truly amazing. The real test was when I played movies that were super problematic. That all changed with this proper calibration. Bass was proper as well as the handoff of the L/R and center to the Subs. Separation was on a whole other level and the overall tone which was a huge issue was now so inviting and soothing. I highly recommend you get your system calibrated with Terry. Trust me he won’t disappoint.

Dirac live professional calibration service config Jan 2021 3