I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customers awesome HiFi system consisting of an Arcam SA30 and custom built speakers.

The customer had been struggling to get a sound he liked from the Arcam and was contemplating changing it.  He had also been trying to use Dirac but wasnt getting to the end result he enjoyed either.

I spent several hours with the customer first working through my specific measurement process and then working on the calibration curves to achieve the best sound.  The customer was very good at giving me feedback about what he liked and what he felt was missing.  We worked through several calibration cures based on how the system was measuring in the room, what I know works well and what the customer liked.  We hit a happy point and the customer will now take some longer listening session time to see if he would like any more tweaking done.  He will get to really enjoy his system now over the Christmas break.

Customers Comments