I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customers awesome HiFi system with a miniDSP SHD for streamer DAC and Pre with a Prima Luna EVO 100 Power amplifier driving Klipsch Forte III speakers with dual SVS subwoofers.

minidsp klipsch primaluna svs dirac calibration website 1

The customer had been struggling to get a sound he liked from the system and was trying to calibrate the system himself using Dirac and the subwoofer controls in the miniDSP.  I worked through the calibration process as normal talking the customer through my tried and tested measurement process and then I worked on the calibration.

I started with my usual educated guess and within 4 hours and excellent feedback from the customer about how the system was sounding and what he wanted improved I was able to dial the sound in to his liking.  He said it was a huge improvement to how the system sounded before and he will be listening for a few days to see if he would like any final tweaks or changes made.

minidsp klipsch primaluna svs dirac calibration website 2

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