I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customers in superb HiFi system consisting of an Arcam SA30 integrated amplifier with Focal Aria 926 speakers and SVS subwoofer.  Normally I would visit all UK customers to complete a calibration but it would be a 10 hour round trip, so a huge distance to travel and it was not cost effective for the customer for me to do that, so we opted for a remote calibration instead.

Arcam sa30 focal aria 926 svs subwoofer

The customer has quite a tricky home situation in regards to where he has to place his speakers but he is making it work like we all do.  That was the appeal of Dirac to him, to help him get better sound but after several attempts to calibrate the system himself he was making slow progress and knew there should be more from the system.

We started by taking measurements and using them to test the subwoofers phase and polarity, and we adjusted them based on my recommendation.  I then fairly quickly found a system sound balance that the customer liked, although he was very good at pointing out some niggles.  Over the course of the morning I worked on the systems sound, removing the niggles and replacing them with all positives.  That could have been job done and a happy customer but I wanted to push the system more to see how much we could get from it.   I spent another couple of house on this and the result, well please see the customer comments below for that.

Customers Comments