I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for a customer in Singapore and their stunning hybrid hifi / AV system consisting of a NAD M10 V2 streaming amplifier with KEF R5 speakers.


nad m10 v2 calibration 3

Taking the time differences into account we set about to complete the calibration in the usual fashion with me dialling into the customers computer to control Dirac remotely and then me instructing him on what to do using WhatsApp.

The initial challenge for this calibration was the customer has a non standard seating arrangement where he sits on a sofa to the side of the system to watch tv and movies.  Upon my advice he used on the his single armchairs to create a more central and symmetrical seating position between the speakers for more critical music listening.  We took a set of measurements here and worked on the calibration as normal.  I know KEF speakers exceptionally well so that gave me an advantage to find a great balanced sound for the system quite quickly.  I still went the extra mile to make sure the system was balanced to the customers taste optimised for the best sound.

The second half of this calibration was to optimise the systems sound for the second position, the sofa position.  We took a second set of measurements and used the sound profile of the first calibration point for the second knowing this is what the customer liked and the result was spot on sound for the two positions.  I saved two different calibrations files into two different memory slots so the customer could choose which they wanted to use based on where they wanted to sit.

Customers Comments

Like many audio enthusiasts, I spend far too much time reading and watching reviews online. I am an avid follower of John Darkos reviews and following his review of the NAD M10 V2, where he waxed lyrical on the powers of proper room calibration- using Terry’s skill – I reached out to Terry for a quote.

After agreeing a time for him to remotely dial in (I live outside the U.K.) Terry spent several hours working with me on taking measurements and then tweaking the ‘target curve’ to suit not just my room, but my musical interests and tastes. The result is a much fuller sound, better balance, wider soundstage and deeper bass. All more so than the Dirac calibration that I did myself.

Very pleased and happy customer.

Thanks Terry!