I calibrated Dirac Live online within a JBL  SDP55 AV Processor with Crown amplification, JBL M2 Reference Monitor Speakers and JBL surround speakers and subwoofer, Plex based movie server and other toys.

JBl system driac calibration customer spain

The customer has a big system and he wanted really physical bass from it which is totally understandable, I would too.  His room acoustics are a major factor working against him as they do for all of us so the calibration was tricky because the punch region of bass at his main listening position was very much out of proportion to the rumble region of bass.  This made it more difficult than to simply run the subwoofers hot to get more physical bass as the sound would become to heavy in the low regions causing the bass to mask mid range and treble detail.

jbl system dirac calibration customer Spain 2

Luckily there are more than one way to skin a cat and I took an approach to the post calibration settings within the JBL processor to get the best of both worlds possible for the customer, to try and give him as much physical bass as possible without the negative effects, with a very balanced overall sounding system tweaked to his liking.

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