I calibrated Dirac Live remotely for John Darko of Darko Audio website and YouTube channel as part of his review of the NAD M10 V2 streaming amplifier.

If you would like to see his review click here

John asked me to help him by doing calibrations for three different setup on the NAD M10 V2, initially his Zu Audio Soul speakers, then the Vivid Audio Kaya S10 speakers with KEF subwoofer and lastly the GoldenEar  BRX speakers and matching subwoofer.

This is the second time I have done Dirac Live calibrations for John and I have got to know him quite well over the last few years so I know what sound he generally prefers.

This was a different calibration to normal because John was more interested in hearing the benefits of Dirac and how it effects the sound of the NAD M10 rather than asking me to spend the time to squeeze every bit of performance out of the system I can.  To best demonstrate this we set one memory as the Dirac stock target curve and then I created a few different ” Terry Special” target curves taking into account the different speakers natural behaviour in Johns room, ironing out some of the room induced problems and then tweaking the system for a better overall balance.

As John states in the review, Dirac on with a Terry Special curve sounded night and day the best