I did an online Dirac Calibration of a stunning Home Cinema system featuring an Arcam AV40 Rotel power amplifiers Focal Aria speakers and 2 big SVS SB4000 Subwoofers.


We worked out the time difference so we could be online together and I remote dialled into the customers Dirac and talked them through taking a good set of measurements. I then worked on the system using Dirac and the new Multiple Subwoofer Bass Control to get the system sounding as good as it can for the customer using their feedback.

Customers Comments
Terry recently performed a remote DIRAC calibration on my Arcam AV40. I must admit that I was a little skeptical whether he could properly EQ the system without being live in the room. In the end I was completely impressed by the process and the results! Terry is a professional. He was prompt responding to me and respected my time.

​He made the process very easy for me, and I’m confident he achieved results far superior to what I could have attained on my own. With Terry’s assistance I was able to harness the full power of DIRAC, and I’m now getting the best possible sound quality from my system.